Friday, August 21, 2009

India major hands in eliminating LTTE

Sadly it is an Indian and a humanitarian misery!It is not about LTTE but about innocent citizens brutally butchered by the Srilankan armed forces. I dont know how many of you have seen the pictures but they are horrendous and puts humanity to shame; pregnant mothers wombs slit open and more worse!For China and Pakistan it is just getting a toehold to hold India to ransom; they are not worried about humanity as the Chinese state unlike its civilisation is a barbaric one. But for India it is a different story.Surely LTTE be marginalised and Srilankans should have an arrangement with the Tamils. India instead of forcing negotitations on LTTE and Srilanka had kept quiet and Srilanka butcher innocent Tamils. It is very very horrifying if you could see how fellow brothers and sisters are slaughterd and tore in to pieces.... deaths are in thousands per day. India should have revived the alternative Tamil political force in Srilanka and start marginalising LTTE. But it didnt. Now India lost its face, its dignity and worse event its strategic interests by allowing China getting a foothold in Srilanka.

You may hate Vaiko for everything but Vaiko had very genuine beliefs which unfortunately other narrowminded Indians cant agree and only call him an anti Indian.S rilankan Army's fight against should have been a controlled and a long drawn affair. India should have ensured that but didnt. India should have saved lakhs of innocent cvilian lives but didnt. Only India has the power but it didnt care. What happened in Srilanka is a crime on humanity; even the United Nations and others were horrified at what happened!