Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shame on us, we cant protect our fellow tamils

Every heart of Tamil Community will never forgive Sonia and Manmohan singh.

I know Dr Manmohan singh can’t do anything without Political order, but he too has a heart and
Family. SLA kills hundreds of our fellow brothers and sisters everyday in the name of LTTE.Indian Government extends their grateful support to them which is shame.

The Indian government strongly condemned Israel for their attack on Palestine. But till now there is no strong word from Indian government against Srilankan government. Are they heartless by seeing innocent poor tamil sisters and brothers brutally killed by SLA in mass numbers. How can they say. Because India is behind the killing of Tamils.
1. Everyone ask how congress can forgive LTTE since they had killed Rajiv.Indira Gandhi was killed by Sikh then how Mr Manmohan singh became PM? How they forgive them? Then why not Tamils?LTTE killed our beloved prime minister Rajiv(Still lot of controversy exists in Rajiv assassination.) because of Indian Army killed more than 5000 tamils in srilanka and raped so many tamil womens in 1987. But I am not in the mood of justifying LTTE’s act.
2. Some people will ask how India can interfere in other country’s internal matter. Then how India interferes in Pakistan’s internal problem and helped to form Bangladesh?Indira Gandhi suported for the freedom of Srilankan tamils. But after Indira, India have wrong foreign policy for the past 20 years.
India continuously supplies weapons to srilanka. The weapons which was bought by our Tax money is used for killing our people in srilanka. It is next to impossible for SLA to go against LTTE as I heard/read that they are well organized and well established and highly skilled in warfares and handling sophisticated weapons.
Everyone say Pakistan is enemy of India and Srilanka is friend of India. But 500 TN’s fisherman had been killed by srilankan navy. But Pakistan never killed any fisherman. Then how can Srilanka can be a friend nation of India? No strong words from Indian Government to stop this nonsense. Some formal words will come. That’s all. Still they are killing TN fishermen. Tamilians are not a Indians? Might be Indian government have a thought like north India is India. South India is useful only during election time.
In 2004 election DMK-Congress alliance wins 40/40 seats in TN. That’s why they came to power. But now they are acting against TN people. 3 times TN assembly passed a resolution to request India to act for ceasefire in srilanka. But central govt ignored 7 crore people feelings. I don’t know how she will come for election campaign and what basis she will ask vote. I think she will ask like “We are killing all of your brothers and sisters in srilanka. So vote for us. We will kill the remaining people also once we will come to power”.
God only save those people. Lets pray for them.
Today they have seen certain setback. But one day Tamil Eelam will come. That day will be the golden for the whole Tamils.