Sunday, May 17, 2009

'Long live human dignity; shame on international community'

While the so-called international community is "exposed of its shameful conning," thousands of Tamil civilians and combatants are laying down their lives to "uphold Tamil dignity, and human dignity, Those who blame the LTTE for bringing in the disaster know well that Colombo always had the option to negotiate or to come out with a political solution convincing Tamils not to continue the conflict. But Colombo’s aim is not power sharing but genocide and subjugation of Tamils by forcing war on them.

"The only way now for the IC to come out of the colossus shame is direct intervention and recognition of the justification for Tamil Eelam, "Mahinda Rajapaksa’s untruthfulness to the world on the use of heavy weapons, the number of Tamil civilians involved in the tragedy and the number of them get killed are too well known. Yet the IC shamefully allows them, allows the imprisonment and inhuman humiliation of civilians and in future plans to leave everything in the hands of Colombo."Tamils don’t expect any sense of shame or any justice coming either from Colombo or New Delhi, the partners of the war. The world knows Sonia’s statement a week ago that the war was over by the efforts of her government and Pranab Mukherjee’s statement a couple of months back, putting the number of civilians at 70,000. They will never be bothered about shame.

China, Russia and Vietnam, by sitting on UN, act on behalf of Colombo and New Delhi, to prevent international action and to keep the Tamil question to rot at the backyard of the war partners. The Indian Establishment is particularly adamant in preventing all international efforts. It could have acted long back had it really cared for its natural allies in the island and even now it doesn’t need any ‘invitation’ from any one, if it wants to do any justice to Tamils. It has to only come out of its ‘bias’. "But the Co- Chairs and especially the US among them, which is directly involved in the crisis by setting its course diplomatically, has undeniable responsibility. What is the effect or credibility of the recent White House statements is a question widely asked in the Tamil circles now. "Colombo has neither stopped war nor stopped using heavy weapons and there was no UN to receive the injured and the captured civilians. Only the LTTE responded to the statement.

Caring for Colombo’s meaningless sovereignty and waiting for unwilling India’s consent will bring in only disastrous effects on the credibility of the West and on the reliability of the global order it envisages. "It is clear that the LTTE is prepared to meet the White House demands within the means of Tamil dignity and if the US statements are going to mean only a conning, they are prepared to die fighting but not without upholding Tamil dignity. "The ball is in the court of the White House. "With the dignity and self-respect upheld, the Tamils can always rebuild their struggle.

But the shameful ones will never find credibility again."

So finally Mr Srilanka had massacred huge amount of Innocent tamils in the name of Prabakaran who laid down his life for eelam......

I am not a very strong supporter of the LTTE and neither am I a strong supporter of the Tamil cause. But Sinhala chauvinism does anger me.It saddens me when I see long lines of refugees pouring out of the war zone on television. It saddens me when they say we were starving. It saddens me when they say that both the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE were firing at them.It frightens me when they talk about white vans with no numbers that kidnapped their youth.
And the man who was the cause of all this suffering is Prabhakaran. But the news of Prabhakaran's death saddens me the most.

Yes he was brutal, but the Sri Lankan army has proved to be hundred times more brutal.
Yes he was a maniac, but he was a maniac who stood up against Sinhala chauvinism. He never compromised on the Tamil cause. He stood for the right principle, maybe his method and attitude were wrong, but his stand was right and he stood up against a powerful enemy.